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Time to do What You Love

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Aug 31, 2015


Susan shares how she exempted herself from some steps in the beginning and slowed herself down. Lee talks about recommitting to the ingredients of the "recipe" he tends to skimp on.

Aug 28, 2015



Lee defines promotion as being excited about something you've experienced personally. We stress establishing rapport, trust and value creation over closing a transaction.

Aug 24, 2015


We share how we share the tasks associated with building our business, and the importance of  building each other up as we climb the learning curve, rather than pointing out mistakes and omissions..

Aug 21, 2015


Susan talks about the joy of seeing people wake up to the possibility of a bigger, better life.

Aug 17, 2015


We explore the rare skill of asking questions, listening attentively and paying someone the respect of waiting for their considered response.